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The excitement of an addition to the family shouldn't be dampened by an uncomfortable pregnancy. Let Family Care Massage help alleviate the pain and tension on a unique massage table, adjustable to your size that allows you to take the weight off and lay face down comfortably and safely so that you can receive the best massage possible.


After the baby arrives, a whole new set of aches, pains, and fatigue affect a new mom. A massage that directly targets your specific needs may be the postpartum care you need to feel ready to be the best mom you can be! Start the healing process and learn how to get your strength back by coming in for postpartum care at Family Care Massage.

Orthopedic & Sports

No matter what your level of activity is, if you are having muscle or joint pain or loss of function, we can help! You'll receive a skeletal muscle health assessment and aftercare instructions to put you back in control of your health. We'll help you take the right steps to regain healthy function and control over your body. 

See Your Progress

Every session includes an intake, assessment, and aftercare recommendations. Create goals for your sessions and see results with short and long-term treatment plans customized for your needs. 

"Rachel was a god send during my pregnancy. She not only has an excellent working knowledge of how pregnancy affects the body and how to relieve aches and pains, she addresses the whole person. She helped me manage my stress and anxiety and feel more in control through stretches, exercises, and relaxation techniques I could do at home to feel like I was being proactive in my care. I cannot recommend her enough!"

Ari​el D.

"Rachel is the most talented and knowledgeable massage therapist that I have ever known! I write this not only as a former body on the table, but also as a previous employer. I have heard client after client tell me how much Rachel helped them feel relief from pain. In my medical massage business, I trusted Rachel enough to give her my most complex medical clients, knowing that she would have the discernment to provide the most effective techniques."

Tina T.
San Diego

"Rachel is an excellent massage therapist who goes above and beyond to improve the lives of her patients. She worked very closely with me for over a year to help with chronic headaches, shoulder/back pain, and even GI issues. I'm happy to say with her help that I've largely been cured of these ailments. She was always easily accessible and incredibly helpful with additional home exercises, stretches, and resources for further information. I can't thank her enough for her help in healing my pain and improving the overall quality of my life."

Justin H.

Ready to start feeling​ better? (347)-460-1568 or book online.

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